Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (2000)

There was a lot of talk yesterday about Voyager 1 having left the solar system and entered interstellar space – the first artificial object to do so. NASA quickly put the breaks on this erroneous announcement – we’re not quite there yet. The probe, launched 35 years ago, is now 11 billion miles away and quickly approaching the very limit of our solar system, measured at this point by the behavior of energetic particles in that area of space. I find this to be a very exciting and inspiring state of affairs, so today’s “single” is Porcupine Tree’s “Lightbulb sun”. Enjoy!

One thought on “Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (2000)

  1. *grumbles some more about people treating concepts we use to understand the world as real/hard boundaries in their arguments*

    No complaints about the song, however! 😀

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