Top 12 for 2012

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I pulled such a disappearing act during the past few weeks, I’ve just been very caught up in the holiday preparations and I haven’t had time to immerse myself in a lot of music. However, I’ve got something special planned for you all today. Is it a mixtape? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a big fat cliche heading straight for you, hopeful in the desire to entertain! It’s the ZaRecords Top 12 tracks (and albums) of 2012!

The songs are not arranged in any particular order, other than following the vague, heartfelt guidelines for making a mixtape. The top is not, thus, based on any objective factor, save for the fact that all of these albums and songs have been released in 2012. It covers, as you’ll see, very diverse musical areas, from experimental, to jazz, to metal and rock and so on. I hope it proves to be an eloquent and interesting retrospective of the year, and, why not, a bit of an attempt to define certain trends currently observable on the musical scene.

There’s also a game to be played! Send me your own tops (3, 5, 10, 9 3/4, I don’t care how many tracks, just that it’s a well thought out top for 2012) and I’m sure there will be some lovely opportunities for debate and expansion of musical horizon, and even some (sur)prizes! I’m not saying anything more. Who’s game? I hope you’ve had a wonderful year, my friends, and I wish you a prosperous and harmonious 2013!

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