Daughter – Live Performance on KEXP Radio

Earlier this year, KEXP Radio led me to Lemolo, and for that I am very grateful. I’ve continued to watch their YouTube uploads, which are blessedly bountiful, and it’s no surprise I’ve heard some really great music during the past two months, including Daughter.

This is the project of singer/composer Elena Tonra, initially all alone, then joined by guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella. The trio has not yet released a debut LP, but they have two EPs out, both released in 2011, along with a single, titled Smother. And that’s all I know about the technicalities, save for the fact that they’ve been signed to the prestigious 4AD British record label, which pretty much means that there’s a good chance these guys will be on everyone’s radio sooner rather than later, which, along with KEXP’s activity, gives me a lot of hope for the direction pop music is heading towards, damned optimistic fool that I am.

This music doesn’t initially sound like the revelation of the decade, but almost instantly its distinctive quality shines through. Daughter (and many of the bands I’ve been hearing lately, including the amazing Fiordmoss, from the Czech Republic, and Lemolo themselves) seems to have finally rediscovered the ability to build up, to allow the music to gain momentum. This narrative quality keeps the mind busy and interested, and doubled by the sweet, carefully constructed harmony and rhythm, the whole makes for a very enjoyable experience indeed. Somewhat like the scent of lemons and leather. I’m very far away from being able to focus on the lyrics, having discovered Daughter a mere couple of days ago, but my gut tells me they’re good as well. In any case, without further ado, I give you a very good live performance by Daughter! Enjoy!

P.S.: For your unlikely amusement, I present to you how my brain behaves around lyrics. Keep in mind it’s been getting better during the past year-or-so: “What, lyrics? Meh… *basks in music*… *basks in the music some more + random phrase trickles through*… a few months later *almost able to predict what the singer will say at any given point within a song, but not coherence to be expected if the music is missing*… a few years later *if the band is really really good, a few lyrics remembered*; I think it’s a handicap of some sort, it’d explain so much!…

4 thoughts on “Daughter – Live Performance on KEXP Radio

  1. I’m wasted, losing time
    I’m a foolish, fragile spine
    I want all that is not mine
    I want him but we’re not right

    In the darkness I will meet my creators
    And they will all agree, that I’m a suffocator.

  2. Also:
    Well, I have brittle bones it seems
    I bite my tongue and I torch my dreams
    Have a little voice to speak with
    And a mind of thoughts and secrecy
    Blow out all the candles
    Blow out all the candles
    “You’re too old to be so shy”
    He says to me so I stay the night

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