Daniela Andrade – Things We’ve Said EP (2012)

Hello dear friends! This is a very special day for ZaRecords – it’s our one year anniversary! I started this blog on my birthday last year, and it’s proven to be the most long lasting endeavor I have ever set out to do. I started with what my friends considered an unlikely choice, given my normal musical tastes – Daniela Andrade, a soft, gentle troubadour of this intermediary season. At that time, she hadn’t yet released a professional recording of her music – the only way you could hear her was on YouTube or on TheSixtyOne, where one can still download her covers for free, and purchase her early recordings, as I did, under the name of “Red Letter Days EP”.

It so happens this is also my birthday, and I don’t feel like flooding this post with many words. ZaRecords is, after all, an attempt at a music blog, rather than a display of wordsmithing prowess. I debated then, as I do now, writing about Morphine’s “French Fries With Pepper” song, which is the song I always listen to on this day… but Daniela Andrade has been with me throughout the year, inspiring me every day with her constant stream of perseverance and sincerity. This openness and honesty shone through and resulted in the issuing of her first EP – Things We’ve Said, a lovely concentration of all of the themes expressed in the previous, simpler, bedroom recordings of her songs. This EP represents a goal achieved, a victory of no small value, a first, honest step on a hopefully long career choice, just as this blog represents the same thing for me. Daniela Andrade’s smooth, almost childish voice, is now a symbol for me, and for this I thank her, just as I thank you, my dear friends, who have kept me inspired and enthusiastic throughout this entire year, in which so many things could have gone so very wrong.

Daniela’s EP studio recordings are unavailable on YouTube – the record is easily available on her website for a modest sum. I leave you with two recordings of original songs of hers, one new and crystalline, but as warm as ever, the second also present on her record. One caught in the limbo of being out there, without being committed to vinyl or CD, the other safe and sound, in many more ways than one. Thank you Daniela, and thank you, friends, for holding on.

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