ZaRecords Contest 1 – Floex concert review

Hello my dear friends and faithful readers! I figured I’d combine two of my favorite things today – gifts and writing about live music. I had the great joy of seeing Floex, one of my favorite electronic music artists, live in my town a few days ago. I hadn’t expected that, to be quite frank, and it was probably one of the most exciting surprises of the year for me. I have written about Floex in a previous post, praising him as one of the coolest electronic soundsmiths, on par with the likes of Hidden Orchestra and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, with the added distinctive element of being a proficient clarinet player, which makes his music somehow more organic, more warm to the senses.

I had assumed that the live scene wasn’t really much of an option for such a sound, and I was very wrong – with the aid of his supporting band, comprised of a drummer, another clarinet player and the wonderful female vocalist Sarah, who can be heard on the studio version of the album as well, Floex set the venue ablaze. The slightly distant, far removed sound of the studio album suddenly becomes a deluge of energy, the songs take on angular, captivating shapes, and the mind feels elated in the presence of such overwhelming walls of sound. Tomáš Dvořák himself is a very endearing stage presence, with his bashful antics and quirky stories, while demonstrating beastly, unrelenting passion for sound and volume at the mixing deck.

It was a wonderful evening, not only due to the concert itself, but also because I got the chance to exchange a few words with Tomáš Dvořák. He was kind enough to sign a physical copy of the Floex’s newest album, Zorya, along with his entire supporting band. I am now offering this signed CD as a prize for a very simple contest. Like the ZaRecords Facebook page for one chance to win. Share this post for two chances. Comment on it, or on the ZaRecords page for three chances. I will use the list randomizer service on to pick out a winner, and I will send the CD through post, anywhere in the world, on my expense. The image in this post is a scan of the signed CD cover, to appease any doubts. Does that sound good? Believe me, Zorya sounds a lot better. Worth a couple of clicks, no? You have until next Sunday, the 28th of October. I will announce the winner on the 29th.

That being said, enjoy these two clips from the concert in Cluj, filmed with my modest but diligent phone. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll manage to obtain better footage from various concerts I may attend. In any case, I hope you can get into Floex’s groove and decide to play along with the contest! Enjoy!

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