ZaRecords Mixtape 1 – Fall

I promised I’d try and experiment a little in the future and here is the result! The plan is to make one of these every two weeks, in an attempt to exert some gentle form of dominance on the music’s mood setting ability. I also view these mixtapes as a means of showcasing songs from albums I wouldn’t normally write about – you know, those kinds of records you feel are diamonds in the rough, with occasional explosions of glitter. I’ll be introducing the songs, peppering a bit of trivia here and there, bringing guests on the show and maybe even conducting interviews, in time. I’m quite excited about this and I hope you’ll support the new, spoken side of ZaRecords just as generously as you’ve stood by the written side.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This edition is all about autumn, and it holds a total of nine songs which evoke different scenes, in a cinematic way – at least to my mind. I really hope you’ll enjoy the selection, and I’m counting on your feedback for improvement – it is, after all, the first time I’m trying anything like this. Enjoy! See you soon!

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