Jack White – Concert Privé (2012)

I am crazy about Jack White. In my view, he’s the most intense rockstar since, say, Kurt Cobain, although in a much more positive way. I love that he’s a workaholic, I love his combative life philosophy (made abundantly clear in the It Might Get Loud documentary), I even like his fashion sense. I was not surprised to find I loved his first solo album, called Blunderbuss, and I will definitely write about it in detail when I feel able. For today though, I have a different item on the menu.

Source: nashvillescene.com

Jack White is touring to promote his new album with two full bands – one male, one female only, randomly deciding which one to play with from show to show, in order to keep the songs fresh and challenge himself over and over, along with his audience. His set lists include songs from his Raconteurs and The Dead Weather repertoire, although according to him, they never prepare set lists beforehand. I think this approach is wonderful, so you’ll understand why I’m so thrilled to have found a full live show of his in which both bands play. I really hope you guys enjoy this performance – it shows Jack’s amazing class, something one rarely gets to see anymore. Stay tuned!

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