Lemolo – The Kaleidoscope (2012)

I was going to do a more funny, interactive post today, but I came across this band yesterday, and I think it’s the musical discovery of the year for me, so I can’t help but share. The fun and games will have to wait – there’s seriously amazing music around to spread the word about! On then, to the mission!

Sometimes, somehow, serendipity makes it so that I come across great music via YouTube recommendations. I don’t even remember what I was listening to initially, I just know that I clicked “Lemolo” because I liked the name, and I found myself with an exploded mind, looking around wide-eyed, in a whole new room. I think the live performance had a lot to do with my initial impression, but having listened to this absolute gem of an album on Bandcamp, head to toe, the goosebumps just wouldn’t go away… Lemolo have the perfect sound to usher in autumn. This music has the soft crunch of dry leaves underfoot at heart, and it stretches so far, it turns that into the image of fresh, light snow on the windowsill. Many connections to other bands pass through my head listening to them, but that’s just the point, and my personal clue that this is truly great stuff – anyone I can think of that Lemolo might resemble falls short in comparison as far as I’m concerned, so I won’t succumb to the pitfalls of committing hierarchies to written word – it just doesn’t help, doesn’t add anything to the picture this duo from Seattle are painting. The ability to distill influences into something much greater than the sum of its parts is demonstrated perfectly on this record, which is, almost unbelievably to my ears, a debut album (and may there be many, many more!).

The Kaleidoscope doesn’t feel like it was recorded – it feels like it was grown, nurtured and pruned. The mini-interview at the middle of the video below reveals much about the way this music was ushered into the world, and it’s really not surprising. Every bit of work, and there was a tremendous amount of work involved, shows. There are no hesitations and strokes of luck on this record – it’s intimidatingly rock-solid in its remarkable, breathtaking fluidity. The music creates a bubble out of time, a vessel to take one’s mind and drift it off, through a banal world suddenly turned meaningful, punctuated by percussive heartbeats and occasional bursts of light through the thick cloud covering. While on Earth, empty space is an illusion, this record seems to whisper – there’s so much air and water and flakes of skin and a raging, bubbling cauldron of light and motion, even in the most solitary, deserted place you could imagine, and you, dear listener, fit snugly right in the middle of it. Let go.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve got a good grip on myself yet. Ever since I first heard the opening notes to Knives, I’ve been in this haze – I don’t think I’ve been as moved by an album in a long while. I’ve surely let my subjectivity get the best of me, and hopefully it’ll be good enough for now. So here they are – Lemolo – a live performance of four songs, a mini-interview, and the full album, praised be Bandcamp now and evermore. Here’s me, letting go.

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