Tool – Live in New Orleans

I know it’s been a while… Sorry about that, I’ve been quite taken with a number of things, including the orthodox Easter vacation which I spent at home being internet-deprived most of the time. In any case, I’m back, and I thought I’d make a splash, with this live Tool concert.

As Tool fans know, the band does not condone professional filming of their concerts, for a number of reasons. That is why, usually, the live material one can come across is very garbled, bootleg quality stuff. This concert isn’t all that different, except the person filming it somehow managed to get some pretty great footage and quite decent sound quality, at least compared to some other concerts floating around YouTube. The fact that the band sounds amazing is, of course, to be expected, so no surprise there, apart from the usual exhilaration I get while listening to them.

Dedicated Tool concerts must be a truly formidable experience, if we’re to assume that this video version manages to capture at least a quarter of the awesome (I use the word in the original sense here) atmosphere there. I saw Tool live in a festival setting, and while that was great, I doubt it compares to an event like the one in this video.

I’ve been in a very trippy state during the past few days, slipping and sliding through Led Zeppelin’s weirder side, Primus, The Mars Volta and eventually coming back to Tool. I hope you enjoy this concert on this fine Saturday, rife with seasonal drama, and I’ll see you soon. Really!

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